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I, started the Stock Market Investment as a part time business in the year 2009, Later on as i become more passionate and loved this work then i decided to take up some Courses to develop my trading skill. I am done with Fundamental & Technical Analysis. Then after gaining some confidence decided to take it as my profession. Market is a vast field so, eveyone needs to understand it clearly and update the knowledge time to time by polishing trading skills. I regularly do Research on strategies and try to find new Technique for traders as Intraday trading is known to be a tricky/risky one. Someone needs to be very skillful to earn profit in Intraday trading. The main aim of this website is to share the knowledge about stock market being a open source of learning which will be helpful for the retail/novice investor/trader. We will focus mainly on technical analysis part as much as possible.

Our motto is to help each and every individual by sharing knowledge, experience to get their goals in stock market.

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