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Following Topic will be covered in course:

1. Basic knowledge of stock market

2. Intraday Trading

3. Short term Trading

4. Long term Investment

5. Option-Stock/Index

6. Future-Stock/Index


8. Technical Analysis

9. Fundamental Analysis

10. Price Action Strategy

11. Money management

Course Pattern:

I will send you videos of topic/ strategy (Total 18 videos), you have to watch them carefully only.

After the completion of Course (after going through all videos and pdf ) if you get some doubt then please feel FREE to whatspp us. We will setup your system (PC) as per video if you are failed to do so..We will do our best to solve your question asked. Full what's app /Telegram support.

Necessary links will be provided via Email to get Market Updates/ Recommendation..


By paying Rs.0 you will be independent so you no need to pay for TIPS which cost more than that. Believe in getting knowledge and boost your confidence. Knowledge is the ultimate power which will drive you into the success.

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